Bola Onayemi

Bola Onayemi

Fine Art

These are a collection of paintings I produced while taking Visual and Media Art courses in college.

A range of media was used for the various artworks: Indian ink, acrylic, china marker, charcoal, and colored pencil and ink pen. Some of the pieces were produced while I attended the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, and others were produced when I studied at The Art Institute in Rosslyn, VA.

''Madame Monet and the Sunset''(2007): Acrylic on paper. Recreated Monet's impressionistic painting ("Madame Monet and Her Son") using alternate lighting and color effects. Used red and yellow tones to paint the sunset sky, and dark, purple clouds and brown grass are added to create a vivid contrast and keep the viewers eyes moving around the image. Madame Monet's original white gown is changed to light purple, with white and yellow light dancing behind her, giving shape to her silhouette; 10.5 hours to complete.

''Hawaiian Lighthouse''(2007): Colored pencil on sketch paper. No definitive light source was accessible in the original photograph, so color is the primary contrasting factor used to define the image. Black is used to give form and depth to the trees and houses surrounding the lighthouse; 8 hours to complete.

''Geisha With Lantern''(2002): Indian ink on canvas. Indian ink is applied repeatedly to the canvas to darken the intensity of the ink's value; The difficulty with this piece was completing the lighter portions of the painting, and taking great care not to make any mistakes while completing the darker portions. The black background is the last portion of the painting to be filled; depending on the lighter foreground, this can be very time consuming (and it was); 9 hours to complete.

''Charcoal Acorn''(2002): Still life in charcoal and vine charcoal. Darkened the tone from the left to the right to create light and shadow, bringing out the acorn's shape and form more thoroughly; 4 hours to complete.

''Aids in Zimbabwe"(2002): China Marker on paper; based on photograph from a Time magazine article about the devastation of AIDS in Africa. Image shows daughter (right) comforting suffering mother (left), unsure of her family's future once the mother succumbs to the agony of the illness... leaving the family to fend for itself. 4.5 hours.

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