Bola Onayemi

Bola Onayemi

Me :-)

Born in Montclair, CA, USA. Raised in Nigeria from 1982-1995, lived in MD, USA until 2013, then met better half and have lived in PA ever since.

ART: I love to draw, to color, to paint, and to create. I hope to use art to tell interesting, dynamic stories that never tire the eye. I enjoy music and literature, films and stage plays, comics, graphic novels, and videogames.

LIFE: I hope to travel and eat and paint in amazing cities the world over (and by some miracle make that an actual career. ;) In the meantime, having fun with family and friends (and eating all the delicious food my wife makes) makes each day that much better than the last.

PORTRAITS: I always use a person’s favorite photograph to the sketch my portraits; photos that you love are the best way to go. A story behind the visual can really help inspire my hands. Typical portraits I do are done on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (Mona Lisa, anyone? ;-) I've been trying out the Procreate app on the iPad Pro and I think it will become my primary means of creating beautiful art moving forward. Once the job is finished, the originals belong to you (of course)… I only ask that a copy of the finished work be used by me for my portfolio. And money too; that always helps. :)

Thanks for stopping by :)