Bola Onayemi

Bola Onayemi

iPhone Art

These are a collection of images and sketches I produced while tinkering around with the iPhone. Some of the images were sketched using the ArtStudio app and then subsequently touched up in Photoshop; others were created only using ArtStudio and only using the iPhone. Pixel art was created using Dots, a pixel art app; animated gifs were created using the Animation Creator app, uploaded to YouTube, then converted to gif images.

“Final Mission: FALLING in Love (2016) – Entry for a monthly illustration contest called “Jazza’s Challenge of the Month”. The image was originally sketched using Adobe Photoshop but all the layering and coloring was added using iPhone ArtStudio app. 25 hours to complete.

“Gadgets” (2015) – Interim book cover for a young adult series I am writing. The entire image was completed entirely with the iPhone ArtStudio App; 10 hours to complete.

“Ring of Flame, Ring of Deception” (2015) – Action sketch for an adventure style game I am designing. Here I was trying to build an image from solid colors overlaid with line and lighting effects. Completed entirely using iPhone ArtStudio app; 12 hours to complete.

“Finger Fire” (2016) – Test animation created entirely with the iPhone Animation Creator app then converted into to a GIF; 11 hours to complete. The sound effects can be heard here:

“Naga, Savage Ronin” (2014) – A character I created for an adventure style game I am designing; completed using iPhone ArtStudio app. I wanted to create a very clean image with precise lines for every aspect of the drawing; 2.5 hours to complete.

“Nori, Mystic Ninja” (2014) – A character I created for an adventure style game I am designing; the entire image was created using Dots, a pixel art app that lets you create images one pixel at a time; 2 hours to complete.

“The Petrelli Campaign” (2013) – Music album cover for my youngest brother Jay. I wanted to see just how much detail I could capture in an image just from drawing on my iPhone. The original drawing and much of the coloring was accomplished using the iPhone ArtStudio App; then filtering effects and lettering was subsequently added using Adobe Photoshop; 30 hours to complete.

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