Bola Onayemi

Bola Onayemi


These are a collection of portraits I have produced for various clients over the years.

All portraits were created using graphite and Prismacolor pencils, and black ink on 8.5'' x 11'' paper. Images created by viewing photographs provided by the clients. Embellishments and backgrounds were added per each client’s request.

''Tom & Sam at 'The Spot''' (2007): Completed for a workplace colleague; used several photographs of stormy skies and clouds to create background (white acrylic used to paint stars over the night sky); 8 hours to complete.

''Dean''(2002): Completed for fellow college student; stroke of black background parallel to strokes of skin tone, adding uniformity to the grain of the image; ink used to add emphasis to the white shirt; 5.5 hours to complete.

''Ken's Kids''(2005): Completed for a workplace colleague; several light colors used for skin tone and the blond, wispy hair of the baby girl; 5.5 hours to complete.

''Angela''(2002): Completed for fellow college student; used colored pencil lined with black ink to create hair; skin and dress tones created by combining various colors; 6.5 hours to complete.

''Mother & Child'' (2006): Completed for a workplace colleague; combination of pencils (2H, HB, 2B) and black Sharpie Marker; 3 hours to complete.

''Ola Cleonia Lewis''(2002): Completed in college for a fellow student; embellishments include adding more hair (and darkening the hair), reducing age lines on the face, changing the color of the coat, and adding clouds in the background; 5.5 hours to complete.

''Seine Yoo''(2002): Completed for fellow college student; brown colors used to add shading to baby's skin; lightened background to add more emphasis to the main subject; 4.5 hours to complete.

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